Pet Insurance

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Pet Insurance Coverage

Veterinary care has become more technologically advanced, resulting in higher costs. Higher-quality services require higher costs for equipment, facilities, and training, among other things. In some cases, pet health insurance might help cover the expenses of diagnosing, treating, and managing your pet's health problems or injuries.

Your pet is one of a kind. Personalize a policy to maximize the value of your pet’s coverage at a price you feel comfortable with. We want you to feel your dog, cat or other type of pet is covered and you are getting great value out of your policy. We offer health insurance plans for illnesses, injuries and wellness care.

We clearly spell out to you the details, including the limitations and exclusions, of coverage for routine and/or wellness care, as well as emergency treatments and conditions that require extensive care. We'll explain if premiums will increase as your pet ages or if you make any claims.

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